Reuben Foster: Ex-Girlfriend Says She Previously Served Jail Time for False Accusation of Domestic Violence

A preliminary hearing in Reuben Foster‘s criminal case for domestic violence and gun charges is taking place today in Santa Clara County. A large portion of the hearing has centered on Elissa Ennis, Foster’s former girlfriend who originally accused him of domestic violence. Ennis has since recanted and is cooperating with the defense, but the prosecution is continuing forward with the case against Foster.

Ennis’ court testimony has included (as detailed on David Lombardi‘s timeline) stating that she was injured in a fight with a couple of other women the night before she accused Foster of domestic violence, and then Foster broke up with her the next morning. She describes her motivations as a “money scheme” and out of anger over the breakup, and testified that she threatened him. “I told him I’m about to f— yo s— up, make sure you don’t have a job tomorrow.”

She also claimed in court that all of her statements to police were lies, and that she began recanting them two days later.

And then, on cross-examination by Foster’s defense attorney, she also revealed that she has a history of lying about domestic violence and has served jail time for an incident in 2011 when she accused a former boyfriend.

Ennis said she went to jail for this.

— David Lombardi (@LombardiHimself) May 17, 2018

The prosecution has opted to proceed against Foster despite her testimony and non-cooperation, but unless they have clear impeaching evidence that challenges her current version, it’s going to be a hard case to make beyond a reasonable doubt. Her testimony about a prior conviction for lying about domestic violence muddies matters even further.

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