Marin spends longer time in commute traffic than the rest of Bay Area

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While Belvedere is one of the tonier towns in Marin, its residents have the most time-consuming commutes of any workers in the county, according to a new report from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

It takes the average Belvedere resident 40.6 minutes to get to work, far outpacing the second-longest commute, San Anselmo’s 35.5 minutes, according to the report.

During the morning commute, drivers leaving Belvedere crawl along Tiburon Boulevard, and backups can sometimes seem never ending, city officials say.

“It’s a long and winding road into San Francisco,” said James Campbell, a Belvedere city councilman.

Last year the Belvedere City Council voted to contribute $15,000 to a study to unclog Tiburon Boulevard, the only point of access in and out of the peninsula for Belvedere residents. Money is on the way to do some work on that road, Campbell said. Improved ferry service by Golden Gate out of Tiburon and an ongoing school bus program to keep parents from mixing with commute and other traffic also is helping.

“Otherwise the commute time would be even higher,” Campbell said.

The data comes from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Vital Signs program — — designed to give Bay Area residents a snapshot of key transportation, land use, environmental and economic policy trends.

Overall, Marin residents take 32.3 minutes to get to work, while Bay Area-wide the time is 31.6 minutes, according to the data. In 2011, the travel time in Marin was 27 minutes.

The commute data also breaks down times for those who use different modes to get to work. In Marin, solo drivers take 29.8 minutes to get to work, car poolers 33.5 minutes and those who take transit 58.1 minutes.

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Source:: The Mercury News

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