Fox Mulder’s ‘X-Files’ office on display at East Hastings gallery

For the past 25 years, the easiest way to see Fox Mulder’s desk has been to end up in an X-file.

That’s hardly ideal, of course. Nobody wants to be abducted by aliens, or eaten by the flukeman, or have their shoelaces untied by a vampire. There has to be a better way.

VANCOUVER BC- ‘Flukeman’ from episode 2X02 of The X Files and created by Lindala Makeup Effects. One of the items in the special effects show now at Science World in Vancouver. For features story by Katherine Monk(ian lindsay/Vancouver Sun) [PNG Merlin Archive]

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‘Flukeman’ from episode 2X02 of The X Files and created by Lindala Makeup Effects.

Now there is. Vancouver’s Back Gallery Project, located at 602 E. Hastings St., has announced a new exhibition featuring one of the major set pieces from the classic, Vancouver-filmed Fox drama: Mulder’s FBI basement office, complete with his folder-covered desk, his “I Want To Believe” poster, his moon landing photo, his filing cabinet stuffed with paranormal cases, and even the green high chair where Dana Scully sat and had her perfectly reasonable scientific theories mocked and undermined, week after week, since 1993.

It’s a major set piece, not only from the history of television but for Vancouver’s reputation as “Hollywood North”. The X-Files, which just concluded its eleventh and likely final season, was one of the first major productions to call the city home, making Mulder’s basement office a big part of local film and television history.

This is no replica office, either. Each item in the set piece came directly from the Fox Studio in Los Angeles, CA, and has been complemented with additional memorabilia from the personal collection of series creator, writer and director Chris …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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