16 people reveal the most expensive life lessons they ever learned — and the stories will make you cringe

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Some life lessons cost more than others.

From breaking brand-new Apple products to getting married to fix a relationship, hundreds of people on Reddit responded to the question, “What’s the most expensive ‘life lesson’ you ever had?”

16 Reddit users opened up about the most upsetting, embarrassing or just downright sad ways they lost money — but learned valuable lessons.

1. Getting married to save a relationship

“Marriage and children DO NOT fix relationship problems. They only amplify whatever’s already there. And if whatever’s already there is not good, the marriage and kids will only make everything even worse.” – Zer0_Karma

2. Lending money to a “friend”

“Three years later and I’m still waiting for this a–hole ‘friend’ to pay me back $450. Close to taking him to small claims court over it.” – Ballandchain1998

3. Getting too close to nature

“Don’t get super drunk, outside, while nowhere near any bathroom and wipe yourself with a leaf. Near the ground. I was so so stupid. Hospital bills for that plus the swelling and pain… Oh god never again.” – __Rick__Sanchez__

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