5 lies Scott Pruitt has told about his mounting scandals

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has been having a very rough week as questions about his condo deal with a lobbyist, improper raises for aides, and first-class travel continue to mount.

The EPA administrator’s attempts to defend himself against the flood of ethics questions have involved a few mistruths.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is trying to hold onto his job as new details about his bloated security team, and his ethically dubious hiring and housing arrangements continue to leak.

As he’s made the rounds at conservative media outlets and in front of Congress to tout his accomplishments and swing back at critics, Pruitt has made some outlandish claims.

Aside from his usual misleading platitudes, for instance that the Obama-era Clean Water Rule would have regulated puddles (it explicitly does not), Pruitt has generously scattered rhetorical chaff to obscure any wrongdoing at the EPA.

But a whistleblower, former EPA Deputy Chief of Staff Kevin Chmielewski, refuted many of Pruitt’s rationales in two letters sent by House and Senate Democrats to the White House last month. And early results of some of the 12 federal investigations into Pruitt’s alleged breaches have revealed deceits as well.

Here are some of Pruitt’s biggest whoppers, updated with new details. Pruitt may have to answer for these statements Wednesday when he faces a Senate committee overseeing the EPA’s budget.

Lie 1: “These threats have been unprecedented from the very beginning.”

Pruitt’s long-running justification for his 24/7, 20-person security detail — unprecedented for an EPA administrator — has been the alleged increase in threats to him. Pruitt has said repeatedly he was following the advice of his staff, who he says insisted on the detail.

“I have a responsibility to listen to those individuals that are charged with the obligation to keep me safe and to keep the employees at the agency safe, and I listen to them,” Pruitt told CBS News.

Pruitt’s defenders, including the president, have used this line as well:

While Security spending was …read more

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