What to watch on Netflix: your guide to the new TV shows and movies

Update: A new series of Dear White People and two very different, equally-classic movies hit Netflix in the shape of Taxi Driver and The Social Network.

It’s been a tough old day earning that paper with the sweat of your brow, and all you want to do is head home and reach for that Netflix and chill button.

But with quite literally thousands of shows and movies to choose from, you can become exhausted from endlessly browsing before you’ve even hit play.

But fear not, we’re here to help you out. We’ve collected together a list of the top TV shows and movies that have been recently added to the service. It’s your quick fix solution to all of that movie streaming fatigue.

Be sure to keep checking in if you want to avoid relying on Netflix’s algorithms to show you what’s hot and what’s not on the streaming service.

New movies on Netflix this week

Taxi Driver: Are you talkin’ to me? I said, are you talkin’ to me? No? Well, OK then – you should be listenin’ instead. If you’ve never seen Taxi Driver before, it’s arrival on Netflix gives you no excuses not to. Unless you don’t have a Netflix account, in which case, what are you even doing here?

Taxi Driver is perhaps the quintessential Robert De Niro performance, and arguably the most memorable film of director Martin Scorsese’s career. It follows the life of the increasingly-unhinged Travis Bickle, a taxi driver increasingly disillusioned by the harsh reality of New York’s post-Vietnam streets. Keep an eye out for an incredibly harrowing early performance from a young Jodie Foster, too.

The Social Network: Before its release, it was hard to imagine that a film about the foundation of Facebook would be all that interesting. It’s just going to be …read more

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