Mathilda Monster remains a monster: Roadshow

Q: Can anything be done with the morning madness at Mathilda Avenue and Highway 237 in Sunnyvale? Going east on 237 and trying to take the Mathilda exit, the ramp backs up onto the freeway. … I observed the lights for about 4 months on Mathilda and concluded that during rush hour, there is an enormous bias in those lights for traffic coming off of the feeders from Yahoo and new residences in that area. The worst case is Innovation Way, where a single car pulling up to that light will turn the Mathilda light red within 15 seconds.

Mathilda traffic is held hostage every day by feeder traffic. And I believe it is deliberate, and a way for the city to grease the palms, a bit, of the new tenants who now pay them lots and lots of revenue.

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A: The city adjusted lights on what is called the Mathilda Monster more than a year ago and says signals from Moffett Park to Ross Drive are operating as well as they can given the road is often jammed. The changes decreased delays up to 58 percent and travel times were reduced from 15.4 to 6.1 minutes and 11 to 4.4 minutes in the morning and afternoon commute times.

New wiring will soon be installed at Innovation Way and next year construction of a new interchange could occur, which will eliminate one of the four signals.

And maybe the Mathilda Monster nickname.

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Source:: The Mercury News

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