Letter: Why Trump’s rating has been rising despite infamous current events

Why Trump’s rating has been rising despite infamous current events

Re: “GOP has another hole to fill with Ryan’s retirement” (Page A8, April 12):

I read many articles about the GOP’s worries. The evidence for this concern is broad including discord and differences with the White House and many retirees, including Paul Ryan.

It may be called insanity, or majority rule, but Trump’s rating has been rising despite infamous current events. I think people are discounting the phenomenon in which the GOP looks like they are disorganized with infighting, ineptitude and inaction. But I have a hunch they will do fine in the midterm elections. I could be wrong. GOP retirees may be akin to rats leaving a sinking ship. Even if so, who says they will be replaced by Democrats?

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Both parties scare me but for different reasons. I respect a very few true statesmen. In general, I don’t like anybody in Congress. The more that leave means more new blood. Oh, wait, it could be worse!

Andrew Pohlman

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