Why does my dog bark and howl when I play the clarinet?

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DEAR JOAN: I am interested in a co-parenting arrangement for a rescue dog — a border terrier mix. He is an adorable looking dog and was adopted by someone I know from a shelter where they said he had been a stray. He is 18 to 24 months old.

I am semi-retired and play clarinet in a community concert band, and I am enjoying practicing and improving, as it is something I gave up for many years and have come back to now that I have more time.

I kept the dog overnight last weekend and, wanting to see how he would react to the sound of it, I decided to practice before I returned him to his owner’s home. He went into a barking frenzy and would not stop, even when I put him in another room (or) out on the back patio with a small yard.

He had not barked once the entire time that I had him — more than 24 hours — until I began playing. This is a deal breaker that saddens me very much. Do you have any comments or knowledge about how I could best accustom him to my clarinet playing, and have him accept it calmly?

His owner inadvertently set off a smoke alarm in my house while trying to remove it, and the dog did not react to that at all. Of course, his owner stopped the alarm sound as soon as he could, but it lasted probably 15-20 seconds.

I’m thinking the clarinet sounds, some of which are high-pitched, are not hurting his ears, but rather it may be just the unusual aspect of hearing and seeing me make those sounds, which must seem loud to a dog. I would appreciate very much knowing what you think about all this.

Another Joan, Bay Area

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