TNW’s Big Spam: Space Boobs in Space is the Citizen Kane of our time

Tomorrow we have a TNW Answers session with Adeo Ressi, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor who has made a shit ton of money mentoring startups. Also, he’s really into space innovation… and was Elon Musk’s college roommate. What did you think of Falcon Heavy’s environmental impact? Can I pitch you my startup idea? Why is Elon Musk getting into comedy? Ask him ANYTHING… if it’s good, maybe we’ll feature you here 👀 Top trending tech news: ☹️ Stephen Hawking dies at 76 (TNW) 💰 Google will ban cryptocurrency ads (TNW) 😮 Lyft is facing a discrimination lawsuit (TechCrunch) What we’re talking about: Breaking: Little Caesars has patented a robot that assembles a perfect…

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