Stephen Hawking’s 5 best and nerdiest pop culture cameos

When Hawking wasn’t changing the world, he played himself on TV. He was hilarious.

Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday at the age of 76 years old, a loss of one of the world’s most brilliant scientific minds — and one of the most delightful presences in pop culture.

In between devoting his life to understanding the universe, developing the theory of Hawking radiation, and helping the rest of the world understand it all with A Brief History of Time, Hawking found the time to make guest appearances on some of the nerdiest pop culture properties out there. And since his first outing — on Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1993 — Fictional Stephen Hawking has become a recognizable character himself: petty, self-aggrandizing, prone to stealing ideas, and always the funniest person onscreen.

In celebration of the legacy of a man who devoted his life to making the universe a more comprehensible place for the rest of us, here are five of Stephen Hawking’s best pop culture cameos.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hawking is the only person ever to play himself on Star Trek (or rather, a hologram of himself). In this 1993 episode, Data decides to try to understand humanity better by hitting the holodeck to play poker with some of the greatest minds in human history: Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking. Hawking gets off a few sick burns about Newton’s tendency to drone on about his apple story — and if his grin of pure glee at the end of the scene as he wins the hand is fake, then in all honesty, he deserved an Emmy.

The Simpsons

Hawking would lend his voice to The Simpsons four times, but his first and perhaps greatest cameo came in the 1999 episode “They Saved Lisa’s …read more

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