Sometimes, less of ‘you’ in your home is better

Before: The office was functional, but didn't have much pizzazz (Photos courtesy of Marni Jameson)

Before: The office was functional, but didn’t have much pizzazz (Photos courtesy of Marni Jameson)

After: Walls painted a soft green, drapery, and floors refinished a deeper brown create the base on which art and accent pieces are layered

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I’ve heard designers say a bazillion times: The best home interiors reflect those who live there.

Uhhh, I want to add, that all depends who lives there. Though I agree in spirit with this comment, I have seen many interiors that are dreadful precisely because they reflect their inhabitants a little too well.

I’m picturing those homes where the owners smother every doily-covered surface with memorabilia, where rows of souvenir cups in their matching (sometimes crocheted) koozies line shelves, where all the loose teeth their children and grandchildren have left under their pillows are displayed on a velvet cushion, and where oodles of family photos spread across tables like the tattoo plague.

Sometimes, less of ‘you’ is better.

On the flip side are homes void of personality. They’re decorated to a T, but the place is so sterile you could perform bone surgery in it.

I kept this all in mind recently when designing and accessorizing my new home office. I stood in the room and pictured what I wanted: an uncluttered space that felt serene but wasn’t drab, that reflected my life in a few simple gestures, and that provided a quiet, nurturing place to write.

Then, I did what I talked about in last week’s column (“7 redecorating steps to transform any room into a dream come true”). I sized up what the room had going for it: Double French doors, white beadboard wainscoting, two closets with shelving, plantation shutters, good natural light, and a view of the front yard. In short, it had good bones.

Next, I addressed the shell. I refinished …read more

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