Review: Ed Byrne invites Aberdeen audience into his life for night packed with laughs

You heard it here first – the Tivoli Theatre has strong snack game, Pringles and Malteaser bars to be exact, “that’s fancy” said Ed.

Presumably snacked out – the comedian put on a fantastic show which had audiences howling.

Ed’s set was packed with laughs and personal experiences, including a hatred of bucket-lists, an unsuccessful trip to Lapland and his son, Magnus, almost making a London Zoo keeper cry.

His gags primarily featured his family – inviting the audience into his life and giving them an insight into his true feelings towards milk, effortlessly producing side-splitting comedy in the process.

Of course, there were political jokes that had the audience in stitches and plenty of interaction – including an entire joke about an audience member’s car named Mabel, a dog and a fridge.

Audience members were left in awe of his sheer comedic brilliance with a laugh a minute.

Without a doubt it left them wanting more, perhaps even contemplating doing it all again tonight.

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