Paul Ryan says Conor Lamb, who ran against the GOP tax plan, ran “as a conservative”

I asked Paul Ryan to explain a major contradiction in the GOP’s Pennsylvania spin. He cut me off.

The Pennsylvania special election should be a wake-up call for Republicans, but all House Speaker Paul Ryan has is some excuses.

On Tuesday night, Republican House candidate Rick Saccone failed to secure a win in a special election for a Pennsylvania district that went for President Donald Trump by 20 points. The race stretched into Wednesday afternoon, when Democrat Conor Lamb, the 33-year-old former Marine, officially won the race in a stunning upset. Pennsylvania law does not mandate a recount in district-level elections.

Yet Ryan said he wasn’t surprised by the results. Lamb ran as a “conservative,” he said.

“The candidate who is going to win this race is the candidate who ran as a pro-life, pro-gun, anti-Nancy Pelosi, conservative,” Ryan said at his weekly press conference in the Capitol.

It’s one of a long list of justifications Republicans have rattled off to explain Saccone’s performance: from deriding Saccone’s electability to saying the Pennsylvania 18th District was a Democratic district in the first place (it’s not), or that eventually voters would see the benefits of their economic policy.

Pennsylvania uncovered an uncomfortable reality for Republicans, who tried to push tax cuts in this race, with outside groups spending more than $7 million largely on that message. Lamb, as moderate as he was, didn’t try to mirror Republicans on their agenda.

I tried to ask Ryan about this Wednesday morning: How can it be that tax cuts are a winning message and that Conor Lamb, who ran against the GOP tax law, is winning because he was a “conservative”?

Ryan, growing tired at this line of questioning, cut me off and refused to answer.

The bottom line is is that the Republican spin is a show of some …read more

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