North-east pupils team up with police in warning over school parking

Police have issued a warning to drivers urging them not to park on zig-zag lines outside a North-east school.

Concerns had been raised over the issue outside Newburgh Mathers Primary, prompting the police to take action.

Officers visited the school and with the help of some of the pupils put up a new sign urging motorists to park safely.

It is part of an ongoing operation CEDAR campaign to reduce reckless driving, and will see officers increase their patrols around nearby schools to stem the problem.

Sergeant Scott McKay, from the local community policing team, said: “Parking in a manner which could be deemed as unsafe, illegal or dangerous not only causes issues for other road users but raises serious safety concerns for children and adults, particularly when crossing the road between other cars where their vision may be obstructed.

“As part of operation CEDAR, officers from the Formartine Comm-unity Policing Team will be patrolling in and around local schools at specific times and will robustly deal with any drivers who are found to be breaking the law.

“In addition, officers will routinely deploy large signs at schools throughout our area to serve as a reminder to drivers. Ignoring these regulations could see you issued with a fixed penalty notice which may also lead to a fine or points being added to your driving licence.”

Anne Craig, head teacher at the school, said: “Parking at and nearby the school is an issue and I am appreciative of the support the police are providing to ensure the safety of our pupils at the school.

“I would urge parents to park responsibly to ensure that all our children can come to school safely.

“We will continue to support police.”

“No reason to park on school zig zags”, Page 24

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