Letter: Oliverio will get results as county supervisor

Oliverio will get results
as county supervisor

If all elected officials at all levels of government “stuck to their knitting” as Pierluigi Oliverio suggested (Opinion, March 9), the world would undoubtedly be a far better place. More importantly, voting citizens might get more of what they are entitled to and have come to expect.

Pierluigi’s common-sense approach to focusing Santa Clara County’s resources on those functions and activities within the county’s scope and purview is quite refreshing. Voters need to redouble their efforts to elect people who will make careful and judicious allocations of very limited resources and relish the notion of being held accountable.

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Pierluigi served on the San Jose City Council for 10 years before being termed out in 2016. Not only did he “talk the talk,” he invariably “walked the walk.” As a county supervisor, I have no doubt that Pierluigi would serve the county in the same focused, results-oriented fashion that he did so well during his tenure on the city council.

Nick Cochran
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News

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