Letter: Learn from nations that ban assault weapons — and where mass shootings are rare

Learn from nations that
ban assault weapons

As America grieves the murder of innocent school children, the NRA recommends guns in classrooms so teachers can shoot the bad guys.

The police say that trained lay people hit the mark less than 30 percent of the time. If teachers miss the mark, they will live with that tragedy and guilt. The NRA and the world will blame them.

Realistically, will a gunman wait for the teacher to pull out a weapon? Where will the money for guns come from when teachers spend their own money for classroom supplies?

The NRA knows its plan is unrealistic, but it will cunningly take a chunk of education dollars and sell more guns under the hypocrisy of safety. So, it wins either way.

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The Republicans and the NRA are making fools of us. Let us learn from countries where assault weapons are banned and mass murders are rare.

Silloo Tarapore

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Source:: The Mercury News

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