Letter: Disgraceful that cop, Mexican Americans suffer discrimination

Disgraceful that cop, Mexican Americans suffer discrimination

Re: “Cafe refuses service to Latino cop” (Page 1B, March 10):

Disgusting! Now they discriminate against us!? I am a third-generation American of Mexican heritage, U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and, yes, proud to be an American.

Is this what is has come to? Disgraceful! I am furious! My Dad, my uncles, myself and my nephews fought for our country. The mayor needs to shut that café down. It’s bad enough they demonstrate in my country with Mexican flags, but don’t lump me and millions of American-born Mexican Americans like me who support our President Trump with them. “Undocumented” and “Dreamers” — where did that come from? “Illegals” is the word!

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If that café ever needs help, that officer, God bless him, will probably be one of the first ones to respond.

Rueben Avila

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Source:: The Mercury News

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