Jo-Ann Tait: Innovation of dementia villages a win for seniors care

Providence Health Care provides compassionate care for hundreds of people with dementia at its five residential care homes. It is gratifying, therefore, to see news about dementia villages on the horizon for both Vancouver and Langley receive the attention this important story deserves. The emergence of multiple dementia village-like residential care homes across Canada is a significant triumph for families and loved ones struggling with this disease.

As Providence plans to bring to Vancouver a large-scale, publicly funded dementia village, we welcome the prior existence and ongoing development of these forward-thinking and transformative residential care homes in other jurisdictions — many of which have paved the way for ours, and share some or most of the qualities of the De Hogeweyk, Netherlands dementia village.

Providence’s proposed dementia village will provide care and treatment for people with dementia of a variety of means. Upholding the spirit of compassion of the founding Catholic Sisters, Providence looks after some of Vancouver’s most vulnerable populations, including in its residential care homes, and will continue to do so in the dementia village.

Planned for the former St. Vincent’s Hospital site at Heather Street and West 33rd Ave., the dementia village will emulate many aspects of the Dutch model such as smaller households for residents who share a common bond with each other. The entire perimeter will be secured using creative structure and technology so that residents can easily venture outside as much as they like. Providence’s goal is to create vibrancy and an authentic sense of community with amenities that are actual destinations and points of interest for people and their families to enjoy, including a grocery store, pub, and music room.

Many people may be surprised to know that Providence actually began taking steps years ago toward realization of this important vision of a dementia village by …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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