Conor Lamb shows a pro-choice Democrat can win in Trump country

Doug Jones, too.

Conor Lamb unquestionably struck some culturally conservative notes — touting his military experience and his support for gun rights while downplaying immigration and racial justice topics — on the way to his victory. Under normal circumstances it would have been a safe Republican district on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

But a variety of conservative voices, including House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Brian Kilmeade, whose status as a Fox & Friends co-host arguably makes an even more influential voice in Republican Party politics, are bending over backward to claim that Lamb is also “pro-life.”

He isn’t. At least not in the way that term has been used for decades in American politics.

Without declaring winner in PA-18th, @SpeakerRyan stresses both candidates are “pro-gun, pro-life, anti-@NancyPelosi conservatives.”

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 14, 2018

Dem. Connor Lamb’s great showing in red district shows dems the way to Nov. success..Support Republican issues!! He claims to be pro-life, pro tax cut, pro tarriff and anti Pelosi..not good new for Senators Sanders & Warren. We will discuss on @foxandfriends

— Brian Kilmeade (@kilmeade) March 14, 2018

What’s true is that Lamb, like many Roman Catholic Democrats, describes himself as “personally opposed to abortion.”

But like many pro-choice Democratic Party politicians, Lamb frames that as a religious issue rather than a public policy one, just as a Jewish politician might keep kosher in his personal life without proposing to make shellfish illegal.

As McClatchy Alex Roarty reported earlier this week:

Lamb doesn’t make his support of abortion a big part of his campaign. A Roman Catholic, he says he personally opposes abortion.

But he opposes the GOP-proposed 20-week ban on abortions and has seen his views come under attack during the special election. And in an interview, …read more

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