City to review language surrounding signage

City officials will be reviewing language related to billboards and electronic signs to make it clear and consistent.

“Right now the regulations in the zoning bylaw are very complex,” said Anne Stevenson, senior city planner. “They are difficult to interpret or interpreted differently. So there’s a lot of uncertainty in terms of what’s been built in our city. We decided to undertake a review of our zoning bylaw regulations to make sure they were consistent and straightforward.”

Stevenson spoke about the issue at the urban planning committee on Tuesday.

One of the challenges with zoning relates to rooftop signs, an issue raised by representatives from Pattison Outdoor, the company that has a number of billboard and electronic signs around the city.

Stevenson said regulations in one part of the zoning bylaw say that digital signs can’t be on top of roofs.

“It’s said very, very clearly,” she said.

However, in another part of the zoning bylaw the way signs are defined creates a little bit of ambiguity, which has led to questions about whether roof signs are allowed.

This confusion in language, according to an urban committee memo, has resulted in a high level of uncertainty for communities and applicants alike.

From 2013 to 2017, about 51 per cent of digital sign permits that were refused by development officers went to the subdivision development and appeal board, the memo said, and about 82 per cent of those were approved.

City officials will consult with industry stakeholders and hope to either have a public hearing or come back to committee in the next few weeks.


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Source:: Edmonton Journal

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