How to fill out a perfect bracket — or at least entertain yourself while guessing

I was invited to participate in this year’s NCAA Tournament picks contest — that’ll teach me for responding to inter-staff messages and making eye contact — with the promise that a raise will be headed my way if I select a perfect bracket.

With that in mind, please come back on April 3 when I reveal my perfect bracket.

(Dang. Just checked the message again, and it appears the lawyers are going to make me fill out a bracket before March Madness begins.)

If you check out my bracket — highly suggested if you need a good laugh — then you’ll see that I might be the only person in the country who picked Creighton to win it all.

Several things contributed to that:

1. I watch more Studio C (blame my kids) than college basketball.

2. I’m supposed to meet my wife in a few minutes, so I was forced to do rapid-fire picking.

3. I’m focusing most of my efforts on my NJCAA tournament bracket.

4. I enjoyed covering Kyle Korver while he was in Utah and saw that Creighton shoots well from 3-point range so that somehow convinced me that the Bluejays would pull off an early upset — and then they just got on a roll in my bracket. It was an impressive run in my mind, really. Congrats to my pharmacist friends!

The fine staff put together a handy bracket breakdown with info on all 68 teams if you’re into actually knowing a bit about teams you’re selecting. You can use that knowledge to take down yours truly and fellow guest VIP picker Dick Harmon in our free NCAA Tournament picks contest. Along with those certain bragging rights, the top three winners of the Deseret News contest will receive $500, $250 and $150 …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News

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