Someone stole a bright orange Sno-Cat from Minturn. Social media sleuths tracked it down.

The "General Lee" Sno-Cat from Minturn is pictured in this undated photo.

Provided by John BrandenburgThe “General Lee” Sno-Cat from Minturn is pictured in this undated photo.

EAGLE — John Brandenburg had the kids and friends loaded up for a day of spring skiing when he pulled into the parking lot in Minturn and saw his beloved 1982 Tucker Sno-Cat was not where he left it two days earlier.

The trailered Tucker was stolen. But before he called police on Sunday, Brandenburg jumped on Facebook.

“I knew it would get attention right away and it would hit thousands of eyes right off the bat,” said Brandenburg, who three years ago joined a crew of pals to buy the snow-traversing machine off Ebay.

He posted pictures of the cat, a tank-sized machine on a trailer. It was easily discernible, with a bright orange paint job, lined with stars and a big “01” on the doors to mirror the famous “General Lee” from the “Dukes of Hazzard.” Within a couple hours, he had fielded more than a couple dozen sightings. The cat was on Interstate 70 heading west.

“Everyone said it being towed by a Toyota Tacoma. At least 30 people PMd me and said the same thing. I was like aren’t you sure it wasn’t a Tundra? That’s what drew their eye, this tiny truck towing this big load with a tarp flying off it.”

One of the cat’s owners, a Denver pilot, jumped in his plane and started aerial surveillance of the highways around the Western Slope, watching for a Tacoma hauling a tank.

One woman who had seen Brandenburg’s post called the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. She was so curious about the overworked truck she followed it to a house.

“A woman who was on I-70 actually saw it in the Grand Junction area and then contacted our deputy and let him know that she knew where it was,” …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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