Google WiFi just got cheaper for those with bigger houses thanks to new 3-pack

Folks who live in larger houses will be pleased to know that Google WiFi will be available in a three-pack from tomorrow in the UK, whereas previously you were only able to buy a pair of the devices (or a single one).

As before you can purchase a single Google WiFi unit for £129, or a two-pack for £229, but the new option is a three-device offering for £329, which will save you a bit more cash if you live in a big house and need a trio of cylinders to provide Wi-Fi coverage to every room.

Mesh magic

Google WiFi cylinders are hooked up to each other using mesh networking, the idea being that they’re strategically placed about your home to ensure that the wireless signal is strong wherever you happen to be.

It’s a very cool system, and we were incredibly impressed when it came to review time, with the streamlined and simple setup process being a major strength, as well as the overall value proposition – which of course becomes even stronger with this new three-pack.

Previously, those who wanted three cylinders would need to pay for a two-pack and a single unit at the cost of £358, so the new package represents a saving of £29. You’ll be able to pick up this fresh offering directly from Google’s online store in the UK as of tomorrow.

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