The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 9 Recap: That Was Weird

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has seen better days. The most recent season has struggled to move along at a brisk pace because there’s been a little too much of the ladies sitting around.

Seriously, it’s like the budget’s been slashed and the ladies are being told to stay in one location for longer. If the producers want to tighten the show’s budget, they should probably think of letting go of some of the longest-serving cast members.

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When The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 9 got underway, we picked up with the ladies at Teddi Mellencamp’s beach house, and boy, it was one boring get-together.

While the rager was anything but that, the ladies all seemed to get on well. It was odd but different. Erika was MIA because she had some horrible period pains, and decided she would have a better sleep at a local hotel.

This gave the other ladies a platform to talk smack about her. The common consensus seemed to be that it was “weird” she couldn’t just stay in the beach house and weather the storm.

When Erika showed up the next morning, it was like all of the women were on edge because they knew one of them was going to reveal all about the girl squad dragging Erika the night before.

Teddi then decided it was time for the ladies to work out. Erika and Dorit decided against it. The only plausible reason for Dorit to steer clear of the exercise regime was that she was going to tell all to Erika.

Boy, she did not hold back. Could you imagine how much worse this season could have been without Dorit’s loose lips? I …read more

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