The famous ‘roof-topper’ in Dubai

DUBAI: Zohaib Anjum has taken a fancy for the dizzying sky scrapers to capture photographs of high rise apartment buildings that stand silently among the clouds.

He has climbed tall buildings that have gone on for as much as 264m where then, he carefully balances on roof edge to get some of the most intense shots. He spends an estimated eight hours to capture these shots that give an immersive experience to the viewer.

Anjum has taken his career in real estate and combined it with his passion for photography. Now he takes real estate photography to capture views that leave the viewers awestruck.

I am working for a high end real estate company in Dubai thus, I have access to tall sky-scrapers. I go on shoots everyday and each day is a new roof and a new experience.

“The hour of the day when I’m at the top of the sky scraper, shooting depends on what kind of a shot do I want. If it’s an early morning shot, I could be up on the tower top at 12 in the morning.�

Zohaib shares his experience saying that there is always prepping time for any shoot which makes photography a full-time job.

With great altitude comes great cold, thus Zohaib wraps himself up in several layers of clothing before climbing the tower tops.

He likes to capture lightening bolts and loves taking out all his gear on harsh weather.

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Source:: The News International – Latest news

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