PS5: what will the PlayStation 5 be like and when will Sony reveal it?

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[Update: We all know PlayStation 5 is a long way off, but at the very least we know it’s coming. What we’re not sure of is where Sony is in its planning progress. Some leaked emails, however, may give us a better idea.

Very recently a group called PlayStation Voice sent out surveys to members of its closed community asking them what their expectations of the PS5 are. One community member posted the email they received and found themselves removed from the group for breaking its non-disclosure agreements.

According to PSU PlayStation Voice is a community run by third-party consumer insight agency, Join the Dots. Once information has been gathered, it’s fed back to clients, the client in this case presumably being Sony PlayStation.

Admittedly, this doesn’t tell us much about PS5 itself, other than that things are likely to be still in the very early stages. While it’s unlikely that Sony would use the information gathered from its communities to decide exactly which features will be included in the console, the ideas of fans can certainly spark a good deal of inspiration.]

You can’t really beat the announcement of a brand new games console: the specs, the launch titles, the clamor to pre-order for the release date. It’s exhilarating, and we know that when Sony announces the PS5, and the beginning of a brand new console generation, we’ll hardly be able to hold it together.

But we also love the run up to that announcement, with all the rumors, anticipation and infuriatingly convincing fan product renders that come with it.

At time for writing, Sony hasn’t confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 5 and although we’d love to be able to say that’s something we know will be coming soon, we can’t. At the moment, it’s very hard …read more

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