Patrick Beverley is “Convinced” Will Cain Doesn’t Know Basketball

Will Cain went on First Take earlier today and sent out a warning to those who are now proclaiming the Cleveland Cavaliers are now locks to win the East after just two games with their new squad.

“This is mile one of a 26-mile marathon here … This is insanity. This a way-way an overreaction … What we are seeing isn’t real .. Let’s pump the breaks. Let’s see after reality sits in.”

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Well, apparently Clippers PG Patrick Beverley isn’t fond of Cain talking basketball tweeting to the show’s de facto leader Stephen A. Smith:

@stephenasmith I’m convinced that @willcain knows nothing about basketball!!! Nothing!!!! Just reading stats!!!

— Patrick Beverley (@patbev21) February 14, 2018

Cain tweeted back he respected Beverley’s game but wasn’t backing down:

I’m convinced you’re a good player Pat, so I guess I should revisit that.

In the meantime, I won’t be extrapolating two games into infinity.

— Will Cain (@willcain) February 14, 2018

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Beverley appears to be upset that Cain was using stats not “true human facts”:

Well give me true human facts. Not just stats. Because they are different!!! If you know what I mean!!

— Patrick Beverley (@patbev21) February 14, 2018

He then specified his criteria:

In order for u to come to a conclusion. You have to factor in everything. The pressure off a guy after trades, the feeling of a fresh start, since of, I don’t have to relocate!! All of that is a factor. Nothing to do with stats!!!

— Patrick Beverley (@patbev21) February 14, 2018

Cain then asked him to come defend his position on …read more

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