Opinion: Trudeau needs to stare down B.C.’s Horgan

The Senate of Canada recently held an emergency debate on the recent development in the ongoing saga over the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion which, essentially, twins an existing pipeline between Alberta and B.C.

In my view, this major energy infrastructure project is good for business and it’s good for Canada. It will create good-paying, family-supporting jobs, boost our economic activity and increase the value of Canadian oil on the world stage by diversifying our market beyond the United States and expanding into Asia.

Many Senators, including myself, felt this four-hour emergency debate in the Red Chamber was warranted in light of NDP B.C. Premier John Horgan’s delay tactic last week of announcing he would seek public feedback on restricting the increased transportation of diluted bitumen until “the behaviour of spilled bitumen can be better understood and there is certainty regarding the ability to adequately mitigate spills.”

Is that a joke? The B.C. NDP government makes it seem like oil hasn’t been shipped safely for decades and that no spill response plan even exists in case of an unlikely incident.

We know pipelines are the safest and most efficient way of shipping oil and, secondly, we know that Canada has a world-class tanker safety system in place. Further, governments — past and present — and industry are committed to protecting our coasts, our environment and our communities. Whoever would think otherwise is clearly misguided.

While I can appreciate that the premier is against this project, I draw the line when a provincial government holds our Canadian oil and our Canadian interests in limbo for their own political gain. Some argue that his interventionist approach is unconstitutional considering that interprovincial pipelines fall with the federal government’s jurisdiction which, by the way, has already greenlighted this project after a detailed and lengthy review process.

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Source:: Edmonton Journal

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