Kim Jong Un impersonator wanted to meet North Korean cheerleaders at Winter Olympics. It didn’t go well.

PyeongChang current time

The man who showed up at the Pyeongchang Olympics opening ceremony dressed as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not Korean, does not speak Korean and is not from either Korea. According to Yahoo’s Eric Adelson, the impersonator gave his name as “Howard” and said he’s from Australia and of Chinese descent. After getting the bum’s rush out of the opening ceremony along with his partner, a President Donald Trump impersonator, he was back Wednesday for the women’s ice hockey game between the unified Korean team and Japan.

And again, Fake Kim was escorted roughly from the premises.

“They shouted something in Korean, I wasn’t sure what it was,” he told Adelson, “and then the police got involved and they dragged me away — they said for my own safety.”

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Apparently officials on the scene thought Howard was trying to rile up the North Korean cheerleaders on hand, and indeed, he told Adelson that one of his goals was to “meet the cheerleaders.” And I guess he kind of did, though they didn’t exactly look altogether happy at his presence.

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Source:: The Denver Post

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