Gay man who says Catholic Church fired him not pursuing legal action

A former pastoral associate who says he was fired by the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton for refusing to say whether he is in a same-sex relationship says he won’t pursue legal action.

Mark Guevarra, who said in a Facebook post Feb. 6 that he had been fired after the archdiocese investigated an LGBT prayer group he formed as an employee, said Catholics around the world have since reached out with words of support.

But after meeting with lawyers Tuesday, he said he won’t be taking the church to court.

“While it is discrimination, I just don’t know how the court would rule on it,” Guevarra told Postmedia Wednesday. “Based on the costs both financially and emotionally … it would just be too much. It would be unbearable to journey in a legal fight.”

He added he didn’t want a legal action to impact his credibility as a “bridge builder” within the church.

“I want to create dialogue so the broader Catholic community can speak with our brothers and sisters who are LGBT and to journey toward the truth together,” he said.

The archdiocese has not directly addressed Guevarra’s claims, citing privacy issues.

However, in a written statement last week, archdiocese chief communications officer Lorraine Turchansky wrote that anyone who works for the archdiocese “agrees to live in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church and its sacramental theology.”

Turchansky wrote that theology holds that marriage “is a sacrament, in which a man and a woman promise before God to enter into a committed, exclusive and permanent relationship.

“It is particularly important, and understandable, that someone who serves in a leadership or teaching role in the church be a practising Catholic who lives in accord with its teachings,” she stated.

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Source:: Edmonton Journal

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