Every Senate immigration proposal on the table, in one simple chart

It makes clear that the disagreement is on legal immigration.

The Senate has opened debate on immigration, and there are at least seven proposals on the table.

The best way to think about these proposals is how they approach three broad categories of issues:

What to do with DREAMers, who were undocumented when they came to the US as children
What enforcement measures to implement, like a border wall
What changes they want to make to legal immigration, like eliminating visas for family-based immigration

The proposals being thrown out can be hard to keep track of, but we put them all in a chart that makes it much easier to see the similarities in the plans. The chart makes apparent that much of the disagreement is on cutting legal immigration. (My colleague Tara Golshan asked seven Republican senators why they want to cut legal immigration; their lack of a passionate defense is really worth reading.)

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