David Staples: What we learned in Edmonton’s own Jordan Peterson Moment

It is, right now,”the Jordan Peterson Moment” in our society, according to no less an authority than that bastion of liberalism, The New York Times.

In Edmonton, we’ve certainly had our own revealing Jordan Peterson Moment. Peterson gave a public talk and book launch to an appreciative standing-room-only crowd at a Sherwood Park hotel Sunday, but only after one of the city’s most prestigious cultural institutions, the Citadel Theatre, cancelled its signed contract with him and refused to host his talk, snubbing Peterson because they didn’t like his politics.

What can we take away from the episode? First, we found out from where a major cultural institution gets its marching orders.

We also learned that despite illiberal attempts to shut down public debate, we’re still a free enough society that there’s pushback. As Peterson himself said at his speech: “The first people I would like to thank are the fine folks at the Citadel Theatre. Because if they wouldn’t have put their foot in it, only one-third of you would be here.”

UPLOADED BY: Malcolm Mayes ::: EMAIL: mmayes@artizans.com ::: PHONE: 780-288-3542 ::: CREDIT: Malcolm Mayes ::: CAPTION: For Edmonton Journal use only. Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre blocks the book launch of controversial book author, Jordan Peterson. (Cartoon by Malcolm Mayes)

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Who is Peterson? A University of Toronto psychologist who grew up in Fairview, Alta., and earned his first degree at Grande Prairie College and the University of Alberta. Peterson, 55, has been discussed favourably by eminent New York Times columnist David Brooks as ” the most influential public intellectual in the Western world right now.”

His new self-help book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, is the N

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