Readers weigh in (big time) on Reuben Foster’s assault rifle

The story of San Francisco 49er Reuben Foster’s arrest on gun charges over the weekend didn’t stop with the lockup.

As word spread that the star linebacker had been taken to jail after his longtime girlfriend reportedly called the cops after Foster turned violent during an argument, much of the focus was not on the physical altercation but on the weapon found at the house.

According to an archived police dispatch radio recording of the 911 call, “the RP (reporting party, apparently Foster’s longtime girlfriend, whom he is alleged to have assaulted) advises there should be at least two AR-15 weapons in the house.”

The police found one, and it wasn’t an AR-15, but a similar weapon. And that got our readers talking. Much of the chatter, of course, was anti-liberals, anti-California, anti-anyone who writes about guns in a journalistic manner. Readers on various sides of the gun-control debate jumped on each other as they are wont to do:

“Here these liberal writers go again,” wrote George Withershine, “calling a semi auto an ASSAULT WEAPON!! gosh, that scared me!!!”

To which “FlameBait” responded:

“Here come the gun nuts again, splitting hairs over names . . . ”

Sprinkled among the comments were some intriguing bits of insight, starting with the legal status of the gun in question:

“If the firearm he had is the one in the picture – it is a Short Barrelled Rifle (SBR) (barrel …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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