Vox Sentences: Rand Paul’s pointless government shutdown

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Sen. Rand Paul mounts the “stupidest” shutdown ever; it’s Winter Olympics time!

This has been another edition of “colossal waste of time” with your host, Rand Paul
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The government technically — albeit briefly — shut down last night, between the hours of midnight and 5:30 am, when lawmakers finally voted to fund the government for one more month. [Vox / Dylan Scott, Ella Nilsen, and Tara Golshan]
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) technically shut down the government singlehandedly, after filibustering a short-term spending and budget bill. His filibuster, which began at roughly 6 pm, forced the Senate to miss the midnight spending deadline, leaving the government to run out of money for several hours. [Associated Press / Alan Fram]
Paul was angry that the spending deal — which extended government funding through March 23, in addition to establishing a massive boost to investments in domestic programs and the military by roughly $300 billion over the next two years and increasing the debt ceiling for one year — would break the government budget caps that were set in 2013. [NYT / Thomas Kaplan]
Eventually the agreement passed the Senate with bipartisan support, and the only thing Paul really achieved was annoying all his Senate colleagues, Democrat and Republican, who called his performance a “colossal waste of time.”
[Politico / Seung Min Kim and Rachael Bade]
But the filibuster wasn’t the only source of government shutdown drama. In the House, conservatives also mounted a mini revolt when they, like Paul, said they wouldn’t vote for …read more

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