Mayor urges weary residents of Toronto, Vancouver to move to Saint John, N.B.

The mayor of Saint John, N.B., is getting a flood of responses after issuing a social media plea for people tired of long Vancouver and Toronto commutes to move east.

Don Darling posted his message last week after Statistics Canada released data showing New Brunswick commute times are much shorter than in most big cities.

“Hey Toronto and Vancouver, move to Saint John NB, we have jobs, you can buy a house for well under 200k and our commutes are measured in minutes. Contact me and I will share with you how much I love my city and how much we want you,” he posted.

Darling said he suddenly started getting calls and emails this week after the post jumped to the front page of Reddit with more than 100,000 views and nearly 1,000 comments by Thursday afternoon.

“This thing has exploded. It’s pretty exciting times for us,” Darling said.

Darling said he’s ready to tell everyone what his city has to offer.

“We measure our commutes in minutes. Traffic is several cars, not several thousand cars. We have more than 500 open jobs,” Darling said.

“There are people right now in Toronto, in Vancouver, and other big cities that are not living the quality of life they’d like to have, and we’ve got it here,” he added.

Some of the comments to the Reddit post came from people interested in a more relaxed lifestyle and lower housing costs.

“The quality of life is so much better, for my family, than it would be if we were stuck living in an apartment in a big smoggy city somewhere. We paid $150k for our 1,200 square foot cottage-style house, and we have a nice-sized front and back yard to go with it,” wrote one person.

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Source:: Vancouver Sun

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