Who is the hero in a hoodie who saved bunny from Southern California wildfire flames?

The widely shared video of a panicked man hopping up and down to rescue a bunny that ran into the flames of the Thomas Fire in Ventura County provided an opportunity for the Twitterverse to muse on what the rescue meant to them, just as members of a crowd gathered around a painting would offer their own interpretations of its significance.

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The 36-second video shot by RMG News shows, as flames burn intensely around them, a young man in a sweatshirt chasing the rabbit across the road near Pacific Coast Highway in the La Conchita area.

When the bunny scampers toward what appears to be certain doom, the man puts his hands up to his head in horror, jumps up and down and then pats his thighs in an attempt to summon the critter. When there’s no response, the man again puts his hands to his head. There’s more hopping and more patting before the man reaches out with his hands.

He scoots closer to the flames and, after a couple of attempts, scoops up the frightened bunny and holds it close to his sweatshirt.

Many who tweeted about the video considered the man a hero.

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Source:: The Mercury News

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