We drove a $90,000 Mercedes E400 Coupé and were completely blown away

Mercedes E400 4Matic Coupe

The E400 is a beautifully composed luxury two-door.
It isn’t cheap, but it’s mostly worth it.
This is a premium coupé for discerning students of the genre.

Here’s the biggest problem with Mercedes-Benz: we take it for granted. It’s the Rolex of cars. If you just can’t make up your mind about which luxury vehicle to buy, Mercedes will always be a safe bet.

True, you have to overcome some at-times blingy, negative associations. But the same applies to other brands. Lexuses are supposed to be sort of soft and unexciting. BMWs are driven by new money. Acuras and Infinitis are for people who just don’t get that you’re supposed to be driving a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes. Audis are a little too youthful.

But the thing about Mercedes is that it tends to deliver, and aside from the fact that the tristar badges have gotten oversized and the cars themselves are slicker than they were back in the heyday of the no-nonsense, tanklike 300D sedan, the Germans stalwart basically makes outstanding automobiles.

We were reminded of this recently when we got our hands on a 2018 E400 4Matic coupé (“4Matic,” FYI, is just Mercedes’ odd term for all-wheel-drive). The base car was an appealing $61,400, but our tester was massively optioned up — the “Premium Package” alone added a whopping $9,350 to the price tag — bringing the sticker up to almost $90,000.

The E400 two-door is kind of an offbeat ride in the Mercedes firmament. It’s the newest E-Class, with an E400 sedan on the way. The luxe-coupé market is somewhat moribund, so one wants to give M-B props for going this route, not to mention putting in the effort to make the E400 coupé so reassuringly excellent if not exactly breathtakingly sporty. My colleague Ben Zhang and I were both captivated by the …read more

Source:: Business Insider

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