Thursday’s letters: Fragile MP ill-suited for politics 

I am dismayed that we have elected to our federal government a woman who claims to be so sensitive that an innocuous, flippant remark made months ago — for which she received an apology — could cause her “great stress” and “negatively affect (her) work environment.” She doesn’t belong in government; she should be in a bubble.

I am offended by MP Sherry Romanado’s unforgiving nature and by her wasting the time of my government on such a picayune matter. Women such as her who are so quick to drag up some alleged sexual harassment charge and ignore apologies are setting the cause of women’s liberation back years and years.

Who in his or her right mind would want to employ or otherwise deal with people like Romanado who play the victim card so readily and so relentlessly? She should apologize to all Canadian taxpayers, especially the women.

Elaine Ramsay, St. Albert

B.C. not so super or natural

So B.C. doesn’t want the Kinder Morgan pipeline so it can continue to be known as “Beautiful British Columbia” or “Super Natural British Columbia.”

What is beautiful or super natural about its capital city, Victoria, dumping raw sewage into Juan de Fuca Strait? This practice has been proven to endanger the orca population on their coast. Their lax enforcement of whale-watching operations also threatens these wonderful animals.

There is evidence that B.C. is the Canadian province which dumps the most untreated sewage into rivers and oceans. (This wonderful distinction may be challenged by Montreal but we’ll leave that for another letter).

As long as B.C. is willing to top off the revenue which has historically been generated from Alberta’s oilsands for the national good, that’s fine with me. We’re all Canadian. However, everyone should have a good, hard look at how oil is produced in other countries like Argentina, Venezuela, …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal

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