Russell Wilson doesn’t fit the traditional mold of an MVP, and that’s OK

If you’re having trouble checking off your list of MVP requirements when it comes to Russell Wilson, maybe it’s your checklist that’s the problem.

That’s the argument made by 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny O’Neil, Dave Wyman and Jim Moore in response to criticism of the Seahawks’ quarterback, who has found his name thrown into the race for the league’s Most Valuable Player Award.

Who has been the best first-year Seahawk?

O’Neil was originally drawn to the debate after seeing a Tweet from Pre-Snap Reads’ Cian Fahey.

“What I find interesting about it is that he’s not someone with an axe to grind,”O’Neil said of Fahey, who is an established analytics writer. “It’s the way he’s seeing the game. And I kind of just rap my knuckles against my head thinking, ‘How can you watch him and think that? That it’s bad football?’”

(Fahey later added that he’d picked Wilson to be the MVP at the beginning of the 2017 season, though now views Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady as having separated himself from the pack.)

You’ve gotta ignore an awful lot of bad football from Russel Wilson to tout him as an MVP.

— Cian Fahey (@Cianaf) December 4, 2017

Fahey’s critique isn’t the first time Wilson has seen his play questioned; earlier this year, ESPN’s Mike Sando released his annual list of Quarterback Tier rankings — comprised with input from 50 league insiders — and had Wilson listed at No. 10.

“When I hear something or read that from Cian Fahey, I think to myself, ‘People still don’t appreciate the different way that Russell plays,’” O’Neil said. “That they look at the way that Russell plays and they think different is bad. It’s just different. And it doesn’t conform to the expectations, but that’s more fun for me to watch. He’s got …read more

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