Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: House of the Devil

If you thought Riverdale was going to spread some holiday cheer, then you were very wrong.

Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8 found the group dividing to try and sort their personal issues out while keeping up to speed on the killer’s latest move.

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Archie and Veronica vs. The L Word

Archie and Veronica’s relationship was going from strength-to-strength, and they were having sex in places that could get them in a lot of trouble.

The scariest of which was on a rug in front of a fire in Veronica’s living room, but what made it so scary? Hiram, of course. Archie was scared that his girlfriend’s villainous father was going to catch them in the act, and well, I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.


Archie plucked up the courage to reveal that he loves Veronica, but she did not usher the words back, and things got awkward between them real quick.

They parted ways but were thrown back together when Betty and Jughead told them they needed to take over the investigation for a little because they had some other matters to attend to.

With some digging, it became common knowledge that the Riverdale Reaper murdered a family in the house the Black Hood led Betty to a few weeks ago.

They found out it was the old sheriff who worked the case, and when they contacted his daughter, she referred to the house as “the Devil’s House.”

When they went to the house, we got to see flashbacks of the killer offing a family of four. Veronica’s attention to detail made the pair realize there were actually five people in the family.

After some more digging, they unmask the school janitor as the other kid. While Veronica went …read more

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