Forget Harry’s Banana Cake! The Queen Can’t Hide Her Amusement at This Amazing Cake of Herself

Queen Elizabeth couldn’t hide a little smile as she was presented with a figurine of herself on top of a special cake marking the launch of a new ship.

The Queen, 91, was on hand to formally commission the latest British aircraft carrier, named for her, HMS Queen Elizabeth, in Portsmouth on Thursday.

The monarch is depicted between two sailors on the cake. One is holding a sign that says “HMS” (signifying Her Majesty’s Ship) and the Queen holds a plaque simple saying “Me.”

The fun cake isn’t the only royal treat to make headlines this week. The Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry , and his fiancée Meghan Markle are said to want a banana wedding cake for their upcoming nuptials.

The Queen — who wore a regal purple outfit by Angela Kelly — met and joked with sailors on the deck of the $4.02 billion, 65,000 ton carrier that can support up to 48 aircrafts.

She made the 75-mile journey south from London to Portsmouth, where the Royal Navy is based, by train. She was accompanied by her daughter Princess Anne, who wore a naval uniform (she holds some honorary positions in the Royal Navy).

The Queen’s cake wasn’t the only confection on display. Another fabulous 330-lb cake depicted a model of the carrier.

Standing a few hundred yards from the famous HMS Victory ship that Admiral Nelson sailed in the Battle of Waterloo, the Queen made a short speech.

“We are gathered here in Portsmouth today just a short distance from HMS Victory, a flagship of our seafaring past and a reminder of the debt we owe to the Royal Navy which for more than 500 years has protected the people of this country and our interests around the world,” she said.

“Like HMS Victory, HMS Queen Elizabeth embodies the best of …read more

Source:: – Royal News

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