Adams District Attorney won’t file criminal charges against deputies in death during arrest

The Adams County District Attorney said there is no evidence Adams County deputies committed a crime during the arrest of an out-of-control man who died after being subdued and handcuffed.

An autopsy by the coroner’s office found that Paul Egli, 59, suffered several non-fatal injuries during his Aug. 19 arrest outside a Super 8 motel, but ultimately his death was caused by cocaine-induced delirium.

Dave Young, 17th Judicial District district attorney, said in a letter to Sheriff Michael McIntosh there was no reasonable likelihood of proving that deputies, Geoff Coster, Joshua Padilla, Cory Engle and Lonn Trail, were guilty of any crimes.

“This review does not evaluate the appropriateness of the actions of the involved officers, whether police department policies were followed, or whether policies, practices, or training … were sufficient,” the letter said. “That evaluation is left to each individual agency.”

An assistant manager at the motel at 5888 N. Broadway checked-in Egli about 7:16 p.m.

A short time later, she called 911 after seeing Egli running toward her office wearing only his underwear.

When she told him, “You can’t come in here like that.” He responded, “What am I supposed to do?” and began running up and down motel stairs, according the Dec. 4 letter.

A guest at the motel who saw the arrest said Egli ran by him while he stood in the parking lot smoking a cigarette. A sheriff’s patrol car pulled alongside Egli and a deputy got out and began giving him orders.

The deputy grabbed one of Egli’s arms and forced him face down to the ground. He got a cuff on one wrist but was unable to gain control of the other arm, the witness said. A second deputy arrived and within a few seconds, officers were able to get him into the handcuffs, the witness said.

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Source:: The Denver Post

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