Carolyn Hax: Am I greedy to want sex in my marriage?


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DEAR CAROLYN: I would love to hear your opinion on sexless marriage … is it possible? Marriage is a lot more than just sex — it’s about a melting together of families and building a life together — but my husband’s absolute non-interest in intimacy is not changing, and I wonder if I’m greedy to think I need that?


DEAR MARRIED: Whether it’s “possible” is the wrong question.

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The right one is whether you’re willing to remain in your sexless marriage. You have to decide whether its benefits are worth staying for, or its deficits are worth leaving for — by your standards only, not by anyone else’s.

Meaning, not by the standards of people who know sexless marriages are possible because they’re in them, or of people who know sexless marriages are unbearable because they’ve left them. …read more

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