Be wary of mating deer, Colorado wildlife officials warn residents

Deer are in the midst of their mating season across Colorado, and state wildlife officials are urging residents to clean up their yards and avoid conflicts with testosterone-fueled bucks that can gore humans and pets or get tangled up in swing sets, bicycles and hoses.

“Buck deer can be aggressive and lose their usual wariness of people at this time of year,” said Patt Dorsey, southwest regional manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in a news release.

“We’ve seen bucks hung up in things like hammocks, clothes lines and plastic fencing,” Dorsey said. “When that happens it’s very stressful on the animal and sometimes fatal. It can also be dangerous for people who might come in contact with a deer that is in a stressed-out condition.”

People displaying holiday decorations and lights should also be cautious, the release said. Lights should be attached firmly to structures, or strung at least eight feet off the ground. Avoid draping lights loosely on top of shrubbery or wrapping lights around tree trunks.

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Source:: The Denver Post

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