Milpitas school district seeks opinion on proposed bond

The Milpitas Unified School District is considering a measure on the June 2018 ballot that could provide funding to update infrastructure to support technology, expand and upgrade classrooms, improve security and make district facilities more accessible for students and teachers with disabilities.

“To relieve overcrowding and accommodate our growing student enrollment, the measure could provide additional classrooms at our high school and elementary schools. Milpitas High School was originally built for 1,800 students but current enrollment is 3,400 and growing,” a Nov. 3 written statement from the district reads.

In addition, a measure could expand the number of elementary classrooms at Mabel Mattos Elementary and Randall Elementary so more students can attend their own neighborhood school, according to the statement.

“The district is seeking feedback from the community on priorities for upgrading and improving our schools. Your feedback is essential and will help shape a potential measure,” the statement reads.

Cheryl Jordan, Milpitas Unified’s superintendent, confirmed that mailers regarding this survey had been sent out to households in early October.

“We have completed a poll with 400 plus Milpitas residents, and the results will be presented to the board on Nov. 28,” Jordan told the Post via email last week. The school board meets at 7 p.m. at Building 500, 1331 E. Calaveras Blvd.

She added the district did not have a set number of comments it hoped to achieve. “What we are looking for is input from the public on our needs,” Jordan said.

The deadline for comments would be the middle of January, she said.

If the bond measure goes forward, Jordan said the most the school district can charge per $100,000 of assessed value (not market rate) is $60, which would yield about $284 million.

If approved, bond monies would also go toward remodeling the common areas of Milpitas High to provide additional classrooms; adding a …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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