Sessions: ‘I’ve Always Told the Truth’

It was three hours into his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that the questions finally seemed to get to Jeff Sessions. Hakeem Jeffries, a New York Democrat, was pressing the attorney general on discrepancies between his past testimony about Trump campaign contacts with Russia and his current story. Jeffries asked Sessions about his frequent statements that he could not recall certain things, his vote to remove former President Bill Clinton from office for perjury, and an assertion in 2016 that falsely claiming not to recall something constituted perjury.

“Nobody, not you or anyone else, not me, should be accused of perjury for answering the question the way I did in this hearing,” an indignant Sessions said. “I’ve always tried to answer the questions fairly and accurately.”

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Judgments on that assertion differ widely, largely following party lines, as the hearing demonstrated. Although he received a few softballs from committee members, Sessions was mostly subjected to a barrage of questions: from Democrats questioning his honesty in describing Trump campaign contacts with Russia; from Republicans who want to see a special-counsel investigation into Hillary Clinton; from African-American Democrats livid over an FBI report on “Black Identity Extremists”; and from Republicans at odds with the Trump administration over renewing NSA warrantless-wiretapping provisions.

Sessions staunchly defended his honesty about Russia, despite having to repeatedly revise his accounts. “I’ve always told the truth,” he said in his opening statement. Citing the chaos of the campaign, he said he hadn’t recalled recently revealed interactions regarding Russia with Trump staffers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, both of whom were in contact with Russian officials during the campaign.

“All of you have been in a campaign. But most of you have not participated in a presidential campaign. And none of you had a part …read more

Source:: The Atlantic – Politics

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