Opinion: Rein in University of California spending on administrators, cheating low-wage workers

If you visit the University of California’s media page, you will see many stories about the work it is doing in such areas as technology and medical research, promoting free speech, and taking on the Trump Administration.

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But a broader search quickly reveals a different side of UC — tuition hikes, oversized executive pay and bloated bureaucracy, abuse of low wage workers and outsourcing of jobs, for well-connected VIPs, and the squandering of billions of public dollars on slush funds, boondoggles and underperforming hedge funds—to name just a few.

Some have made the case that we simply need to take the good with the bad. That we should resist efforts to hold California’s most prized public institution accountable to its core public mission because it houses some Nobel Laureates and is led by an Obama Cabinet appointee.

This is not helping UC, its employees, patients, students, or California.

Last month, a San Jose Mercury News review of internal UC documents revealed that the $15/hour minimum wage plan the state’s third largest employer announced to much fanfare in 2015 was little more than a PR ploy.

It was hatched amidst a US Department of Labor investigation into allegations — including wage theft and paying workers under multiple names to skirt overtime laws–involving contractors at UC Berkeley.

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Source:: The Mercury News

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