Nov. 15 Letters: Plastic is still ending up in our landfills

While it may be true that the reported number of discarded plastic bags has been reduced to as little as 10 percent since 2010 (“Success! State’s plastic bag ban is working,” Editorial, Nov. 14), most retailers that offer plastic bags have turned to reusable bags that contain 10 times as much plastic as the flimsy single use bags which are obsolete now. So the net result is the same amount of plastic content is ending up in litter and landfills. But worse, these hefty reusable bags take 10 times longer to decay and break down in the environment. We would have been better off with more single-use bags that degrade much sooner.

Ron Knapp

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Put additional limits on Bay Area development

In the article about the YIMBY movement (Page 1A, Nov. 13), not a word was written about transportation and traffic. The people behind this organization simply don’t understand the frustration of those of us who want to retain some limits on development.

I invite the YIMBYs to take a drive from San Mateo across the San Mateo Bridge and on to Pleasanton any day of the work week from about 2 p.m. onward. …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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