Jury sees video of Richmond shooting as murder trial begins

RICHMOND — There were 16 security cameras at the gas station where Richmond resident Reginald Atkinson, 26, was gunned down in broad daylight last year.

Surveillance video played for a jury Monday shows defendant Edbert James III directing his wife to leave the area, then firing as many as 15 shots at Atkinson and another man, who escaped the gunfire. During the April 2016 shooting, James’ children were parked in a car a few feet away, prosecutor Derek Butts told jurors Monday.

During his opening statement at the start of James’ murder trial, Butts showed the jury a video that depicted the shooting from beginning to end. It shows James pulling up in a car with his wife, Rosezetta Murray, and their three children.

“What investigators saw (on video) was disturbing, but it will be critical evidence for you folks,” Butts said.

The video shows Atkinson and James noticing each other after Atkinson exists the Valero convenience store on the corner of Cutting Boulevard and South 37th Street. Atkinson walks near his friend’s car and has his back turned to James. Atkinson was overheard saying James wasn’t going to do anything, Butts said.

Meanwhile, James, after noticing Atkinson, directed Murray to drive away. She parked the car across the street.

A few second later, James ran over and shot Atkinson multiple times at almost point-blank range. He then turned his gunfire on Atkinson’s friend, even though James and the man barely knew each other, Butts said.

Butts said the man narrowly missed being struck by gunfire, and that four bullets struck the windshield just above where he’d been sitting.

“He was fortunate, other than having to watch his best friend die,” Butts said.

After the shooting, James ran right past a camera, where his face can be seen. He and Murray were arrested in Las Vegas weeks later.

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Source:: The Mercury News

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